Saturday, 11 August 2012

You? Nique. :)

Assalamualaikum. Yes, it is Ramadhan and Alhamdulillah everything is going smoothly. :) Been busy with work and also house chores - I am also Instagramming practically most of the time so yeah, had little time left to blog. :) Nevertheless, I still enjoy blogging, pouring my heart out, letting people know how I feel (sometimes it can be a good thing right?). And yeah, some people told me it's not good to tell it to the world and show the world where you go, what you eat, stuffs you wear but hey, I think it's a personal choice. Of course, there is always limitations but you yourself should be responsible for the things you share with the public. :)

Talking about personal choice - I am always a firm believer in a person's uniqueness, a distinctive traits, something that sets them apart from the others. So I have always appreciated a unique sense of style - be it fashion-wise, or the food they like, or the books they read. But when a person wears a striking coloured tudung to office, or they put on unique-looking brooch on their 'tudung' - well, I think that's fine unless they are attending an official event which sets a dress code. Other than that, it's perfectly fine with me. :) You can't never judge people by what they wear, or can you? I think it's not fair to do that. And I think we have to stop being so judgemental on people.

Ok, enough babbling. :) These are some of the photos my hubby and I took while we were at home with the kids, while travelling on the road and also photos of our balik kampung trip to Kota Bharu, my hometown! Photos that I treasure so much. :)

Can you guess whose house is this? It belongs to Kelantan's Menteri Besar , Tuan Guru Haji Nik Aziz! What a humble pious man! :)

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