Thursday, 3 May 2012

Eat, Sleep, Pray and Be Happy!

I was super busy the past weeks and had mini time to update this blog - Mak, Abah, Intan n hubby Chomat came n stayed at our house, gathering at Kak Ira's house, jalan-jalan etc. Nevertheless, I had superb time with all of them! So, nothing much to blog about - just a recap of the past week through photos n photos. :) Alhamdulillah. Had lunch gathering with the whole family, except Abang E's and my youngest brother, Nizam - at Al-Rawsha Restaurant. It was marrrveeelloousss! :)

Then, off to Jusco - kids' play time at Molly Fantasy. The kids had a whale of good time!

Harith with cousin, Abang Syafiq

The next day, lunch at the Chicken Rice Shop and jalan-jalan at Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Harith with Tok Ayah

Nenek with Hannah

That evening, went for a stroll at Pullman Lakeside, Putrajaya. Loving this place and it's serenity. 

Don't u just love the view?

And lastly, a snapshot of Hannah and her new hair 'do. I cut her hair myself, don't really trust the hairdresser to handle this tiny little head of my daughter. Hehe. 

Super cuteness, yes? :)

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