Friday, 25 May 2012


Oh dear. It has been sooo long since I last updated this blog. Time hasn't been very kind to me lately, always on the go, with heavy workloads at the office, courses, and to top it off, my kids got sick - yes, both of them - at the same time. Alhamdulillah, everything went on ok, and my kids are all healthy and fine and happy, after 2 days of demam. Hehe. :)

Have nothing much to blog about. Just few snapshots of errr, food? Hehe. I am fasting today so, yes, forgive me for all I can think of right now is food! :) Have a nice weekend peeps. Yayyyy!!!

Pavlova @ Galleria PJH

Sizzling Chicken n Cheese @ TGIF

Chicken Finger (Kids' Portion) @ TGIF

Spaghetti Carbonara @ TGIF

Chicken Foldover @ u-know-what :)

Chicken Burrito @ Galleria PJH

Beef Rolled Lasagne @ Kokopelli

Creme Brulee n Triffle @ Kokopelli

Mixed Grill @ Mama Chop Papa Grill

Oriental Chicken @ Mama Chop Papa Grill

Carrot Slice @ Secret Recipe

Fried Rice topped with Chicken n Cheese @ Galleria PJH

Pizza Manzo @ Kokopelli

Fries @ u-know-what :)

Mushroom Bruschetta n Fetuccini Carbonara @ Little Pantry

If those photos failed to make u drool or your mouth water, then I seriously think you should get your head checked. Hahaha. Juz kidding!! :)


  1. Shedaaapppnye dada...adoiiii..nnt leh bwk tan mkn ye..

  2. Beres tang....nanti tang datang sini kita pegi makan2 k...:)