Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Awesome Bandung-Jakarta!

Alhamdulillah, finally I managed to take a deep breath and say, I HAVE UPLOADED photos of my trip to Jakarta-Bandung last January! Yayyyy!!

It was just me and hubby, minus the kids (first time for us!) and yes, I have to say I was a bit unhappy because I never go (practically) anywhere without them (except going to work). And the idea of not having them around me especially at night, well, it made me sad. Sob sob. But then, I should spend time with dear hubby as well and this might be considered as, err, second honeymoon perhaps? Hehehe.

So off we went to Jakarta-Bandung-Jakarta, meaning we reached Jakarta airport then went straight to Bandung (via executive shuttle van) and then after 3 days, back in Jakarta. It was an awesome, awesome trip!

In front of Hotel Sawunggaling

Hotel Sawunggaling

The interior decor of the hotel

Dacosta Cafe at Hotel Sawunggaling - such a cosy place to relax and unwind after shopping

We stayed at Hotel Sawunggaling for 2 days and for another 1 night we moved to another Hotel, named Hotel Cemerlang because we wanted to have a variety of experience staying in different location. I loved Sawunggaling more, because it was cosier and have very nice homely decor.

View of Pasar Baru - six floors of shopping heaven

At Rumah Mode 

I didn't get why this guy was leaning so close to me. Huhuhu.

Shopping-wise, well, you have never been to Bandung if you didn't go to the factory outlets! So basically we went to almost all the top and infamous FO's. No regrets! :)

Nasi Padang - super delicious!

I was so addicted to Teh Botol. It was so intoxicating! Hehe.

Restoran Sederhana - our favourite restaurant serving Nasi Padang

One of my favourite FO's - Dago Stock Export (DSE)

At Hotel Cemerlang
Nasi Timbel - one of my favourites

KFC - serving 'begedil". How interesting. :)

After 3 days in Bandung, we went to Jakarta. I loved Bandung more, 'cos Jakarta is such a big, big city and noisy and packed and well, not to my likings. Hehe. But the things that I loved about Jakarta is the numerous shopping malls - big and classy. More like Pavillion meets Mid Valley meets Empire Shopping Gallery. :)

The hotel where we stayed - Fave Hotel at Jalan Wahid Hasyim

Super grand - Plaza Grand Indonesia 

The nice decor at Fave Hotel's cafe - perfect place to 'lepak'

Until we meet again, Bandung/Jakarta!!

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