Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jalan-jalan Di PD

At Pantai Tanjung Biru - the same time the earthquake struck Sumatera - Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened. We didn't even experience the tremors.

Some of the photos taken during our jalan-jalan trip to Port Dickson. It was a short trip but worth every second. I love every second spent with my family. We had lunch at Sukand Restaurant, went to PD Waterfront and then to Pantai Tanjung Biru - just lepak-lepak and relaxing.

Sukand's Food Station - and notice my new pink bag? Super love it!!

Super yummylicious thirst quencher - cincau and gula melaka!

Flipping through car magazine - ayah just got from his friend in Japan

She loves to say no, no, no and doing that with her hand/finger - super cute!

One of her favourite poses- cheeky pose!

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