Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Happy Shiny People

It's almost 1 am and I can't seem to put myself to sleep. Maybe I am thinking TOO much or even worrying about things that's not even worth to worry about. :(

Lately I always feel that I am not well-appreciated at work and I haven't been given the freedom to channel my creativity. It feels like I have reached the climax, where I don't know what excites me anymore. It feels like there is no challenge in what I do. Sometimes I feel down at work, demotivated, and I just don't want to care anymore because, hey, nobody cares! The amount of time and the level of energy I put towards my work seem futile. Nobody cares, nobody appreciates, nobody even notices!

Then it struck me, hard, that I don't live to please others. So I determine to do/be:

a. More motivated at work because I MYSELF is my own motivation!
b. Focus more on what makes me HAPPY rather than what makes me UNHAPPY.
c. If people don't care or appreciate or notice, ALLAH always does.
d. Stick to my principle of completing my work in time and never procrastinate.
e. If you think you are being bullied because YOU CAN DO THE WORK, be thankful because it means u HAVE BRAINS that you fully utilise. :)
f.  Be THANKFUL to Allah, no matter what happens.

Smile, smile and smile. Yayy!! Nothing much to blog about for the past few days because I have been busy at work and doing daily housechores. Some snapshots of my kids to make my day, yes?? :)

Made bread n butter pudding on Sunday. It was yummyy!! (self-confessed, hahaha!). I had promised myself to learn to make pavlova. The recipe looks quite easy. Hahaha.

Life is BEAUTIFUL so don't let those UGLY people ruin it. If they are rude, let them be. If they annoy you, hey, you should pity them for being so annoying. And if people don't appreciate you, well, maybe in time they will or even if they don't or won't, YOU yourself should appreciate YOURSELF.

Hey, I am feeling so much better!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

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