Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's Burger Nite peeps!

My dear hubby had cravings for burger, yes, he loves burger so much he can eat it everyday. But, mind you, he only go for grilled one, without mayo of course, and the "sayur" must be fresh and crispy. Hehe. What a good taste, huh? So we headed to Burger King for dinner - luckily they were having promo meal, where you can purchase any two burgers (choice of either grilled chicken and Whopper Jr, or both chicken, or both Whopper Jr) for only RM9.99. Oh, didnt I tell you it comes with a drink and fries too, good deal, yes? Harith is not really into burger, so he has Chicken Tenders instead (he called them "nugget"). After dinner we went for a strol inside Cold Storage. Oh who doesn't love Cold Storage? Seeing a variety of cheese, sauce, pasta sauce, fruits, spices - oh they make me so happy. :)

It's hard to take photo of her without her constantly trying to touch the Tab

This cheeky is boy is MINE! :)

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